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to providing you high quality astrology consultations and services            

Jen Ingress Welcomes You

Deborah Houlding's School of Traditional Astrology (STA) Horary Practitioner Certificate

Instructor & Graduate of International Academy of Astrology(IAA)/Online College of Astrology(OCA),   ISAR Affiliated
founded by Ena Stanley, recipient of Marion D. March Regulus for Education 

Equivalency to NCGR level III

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Astrology and an astrology chart is the language of the cosmos,  a symbolic language based on celestial bodies, mainly the Sun, Moon and planets and stars as well as other astronomical relationships or mathematical points.  

My role as an astrologer is to interpret an astrology chart and translate the planets, signs and houses into everyday language for you. 

I recognize as your astrologer I am not the ‘all-knower’ of your life nor future, and I respect the power of free-will over one’s life decisions.  I am also not a licensed/trained psychotherapist, psychologist or counsellor.

You will find that I 


*do my best to validate your feelings/life experiences using astrology and my personal listening skills

*base my astrological interpretations on sound astrological information and tell you the difference when I’m communicating information that is not astrologically related

*suggest that you seek other trained professionals if I feel and believe you may benefit

*adhere to my code of ethics and let you know where my professional boundaries lie should the need arise


*maintain and respect your confidentiality

I follow and adhere to an established code of conduct and ethics established by AFA, AFAN, ATI, ISAR, NCGR, CAAE, OPA.  I hold academic astrological accreditations from IAA/OCA (Dipl. I.A.A.) and STA, am co-VP of Astrology Toronto (ATI, non-profit).

All astrology services are based on an astrology chart of some form: the natal chart(s) of one or more individuals, incorporation of a company or founding of a country, or a chart of the moment.  Forecasting readings involve illuminating present and upcoming themes in a person's life.  In horary, this means locating lost or missing objects.  In weather forecasting, it means forecasting the weather for the season.


add unique divination art* to a natal or life themes/cycles reading
for an additional $30